" Take the photographs of the years of life
Sort them all out any way that you choose
All the smiling faces, and forgotten places
So far away, but just too close to lose
Some make me sad
But most make me glad
So it's okay

Come and take my life and do it all again
But let me know now what I learn in the end
What a difference it might really make
If I could plan it all out, even as I began
But I know the game
Would still be the same
So it's okay"

From "It's Okay" © Ron Ellsworth

Ron Ellsworth brings to songwriting and recording a fresh passion, energy and enthusiasm reflected in his music and lyrics. His is the classic styles of the bands and singer-songwriters of the 60's, 70's and 80's blended into contemporary, organic songs of life and living -- pleasing to the ear as well as the imagination and intellect. Ron was born and raised in Southern California and lives in San Diego. "Once More Around The Sun" is his debut release.

Please try a sample or two at your leisure.
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